Attractions At Americas Best Value Inn-Heath/Newark Hotel in Ohio.

This Heath hotel is close to many other popular points of interest including the National Trail Raceway, Newark Earthworks, Sherwood Davidson Museum, Burning Tree Golf Course, Webb House Museum, Ohio State University-Newark, Longaberges Homestead, Dawes Arboretum, National Hrisey Glass Museum, Dennison University, and Midland Theater. The Port Columbus International Airport is 34 miles from the hotel. A shopping mall, park, and a variety of restaurants are within a mile of the hotel. Some of the nearby restaurants include La Paloma Restaurant, Skyline Chile, Mark PI Express, Bob Evans, Taco Bell, and Tumbleweed Southwest Grill.

Nearby Attractions

  • Fun 4 You, 1.1 mi. SW
  • Licking County Convention Center, 2.2 mi. SW
  • Great Circle Museum, 2.2 mi. SW
  • Newark Earthworks, 2.5 mi. SW
  • Columbus State Community College, 3.3 mi. SW
  • Ye Olde Mill, 15.4 mi. S
  • National Heisey Glass Museum, 3.8 mi. SW
  • Licking County Historical Society, 3.8 mi. SW
  • Sherwood Davidson Museum, 3.8 mi. SW
  • Webb House Museum, 3.9 mi. SW
  • Dawes Arboretum, 5.1 mi. NW
  • Ohio State University at Newark, 5.2 mi. SW
  • The Works, 5.4 mi. SW
  • National Trail Raceway, 5.8 mi. N
  • Flippers, 6.2 mi. NE
  • Denison University, 9.9 mi. SE
  • Robbins Hunter Museum, 9.9 mi. SE
  • Longaberges Homestead, 23.5 mi. SW

Nearby Businesses

  • Cleary Building Corporation, Walking Distance
  • Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation, Walking Distance
  • MPW Management Services Corporation, 0.7 mi. SE
  • Chase Bank, 0.8 mi. SW
  • Allstate Veneer Corporation, 0.8 mi. NE
  • The Elder-Beerman Corporation, 1.1 mi. SW
  • Bionetics Corporation, 1.4 mi. SE
  • Boeing Aereospace Plant, 1.4 mi. W
  • Southgate Corporation, 1.5 mi. S
  • Arvin Meritor Incorporated, 3.7 mi. S
  • Packaging Corporation of America, 2.7 mi. SW
  • State Farm Insurance, 3.5 mi. SE
  • Universal Veneer Mill Corporation, 3.5 mi. SE
  • Anomatic Corporation Incorporated, 3.6 mi. S
  • Lab Corporation, 3.6 mi. S
  • Dow Chemical Corporation, 3.6 mi. N